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18 March 2020

At Border Express one of our core values is ‘BE ONE’ which epitomises a combined effort in times of need, like the one we are currently experiencing.

As a business focused on supporting our customers and partners, Border Express is closely monitoring the information and facts about Coronavirus known as COVID-19, in order to look after our people, our customers/partners, and the people that are supporting with our services. We are using only the most reliable sources of advice as the basis of our planning and decision-making, and are ensuring that all of our sites and teams have the latest recommendations for undertaking their roles, delivering services and safeguarding those working with our business.

With that in mind, we wanted to keep you up to date with our planning, the steps we are taking, and initiatives we have in place to safeguard everyone in our network: An internal Steering Committee has been formed which is being driven by our People, and Wellbeing teams, as well as Senior Management leaders. This group connects daily to discuss all impacts, strategies, and solutions related to COVID-19.

Communication across our business and externally to our partners is extra important at a time like this. As a result, I am and will be continually looking to update our business on this moving situation, including addressing all potential exposures, process and procedure, queries, and solutions. External customers and business partners can expect the same on a consistent basis.

Protocols, support and considerations for our people are at the forefront of our minds. Policy implementation about flexible working scenarios and pandemic occurrences such as this are being consulted on as we speak. They will both be considered business as usual as soon as possible, further enabling our business to remain active, viable, and dependable during this time.

Proactively Border Express is being risk-adverse by addressing any employee that presents as unwell with flu-like symptoms by requesting that they self-quarantine, consult with their Doctor, and subsequently provide medical clearance for a return to our workplace. This is now the standard as per Health Authority recommendations.

Gloves, sanitary wipes, hand-wash, and pumps are being supplied and distributed wherever possible. We know that one of the best methods of prevention revolves around diligent hygiene and hygiene practices. Hygiene checklists have been developed and distributed nationally for all Sites and working environments. We are following all Australian Government guidelines on travel, and in-turn any need for self-imposed quarantine for both personal and work-related travel. Should Border Express experience any confirmed case of COVID-19 then all relevant Health Authorities, internal staff, and external parties will be notified immediately.

Border Express is in constant internal dialogue around this moving piece and how its impacts may be felt within our business, undertaking our services, and then externally. BCP is now front of mind for all possible and unplanned scenarios. As one can appreciate this is somewhat of a new scenario for most businesses. Border Express remains committed to delivering as per any agreement, however some leniency may be requested and require discussion should the current environment escalate dramatically.

This unfolding situation is a timely reminder that we should all take care of both ourselves, and those around us by taking responsibility individually and as a whole for our actions.

As always, Border Express puts the health and safety of our people, customers and partners at the forefront of our thinking and actions. We encourage you to reinforce our message and actions by assisting with our preventative measures; and informing Border Express of any confirmed COVID-19 case within your business that may in-turn come into contact with our staff.

Thank you for your support as we navigate this unique situation. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if there are any issues you would like to discuss.

Kind Regards,

Mostafa Kassaby
Chief Executive Officer

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Thank you for your understanding.

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